Solar Electric Systems

Heliene Modules

Heliene Inc. is dedicated to providing the highest quality products to each and every one of our clients. Along with providing the highest quality product to our clients we focus all of our efforts to ensure that customer service is the number one priority.

We believe in our products and we believe in the people that use our products. The featured projects are an example of the superior product we manufacturer and the dedication to detail that each of our clients use in their installations.

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APSystems Microinverter

APSystems microinverters mark a breakthrough in solar technology, making PV arrays more powerful, smart, bankable, cost effective and safe.

Our microinverter technology individually monitors and maximizes power generation for each module in the array, boosting system efficiency by up to 20 percent. One APSystems unit handles two PV modules, lowering installation and balance-of-system costs.

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Solectria Transformerless Inverters

Solectria Renewables’ PVI 3800TL, 5200TL, 6600TL and 7600TL are compact, transformerless, single-phase inverters with the highest peak and CEC efficiencies in the industry. These inverters come standard with an integrated DC disconnect, optional DC arc-fault detection and interrupt, 1 or 2 MPP tracker(s), and a user-interactive LCD and keypad. Its small and lightweight design make for quick and easy installation and maintenance. These inverters include an enhanced DSP control, comprehensive protection functions, and advanced thermal design enabling highest reliability and uptime. They also come with a standard 10 year warranty.

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Solar Skylight and More

Natural Light

Natural Light Energy Systems is one of the leading manufacturers of tubular skylights and solar attic fans with many years of experience in the design, manufacturing and sales of solar products.

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Solar Pool Heating

Heliocol Solar Pool Heating

Often imitated, never duplicated. Other solar companies have tried using every shape, design and material imaginable to capture the power of the sun for pool heating, but none have come close to Heliocol’s performance, durability, aesthetics and ease of installation.

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SunValue Solar Pool Heating

When evaluating your solar pool heating requirements, we know you want value for money. SunValue Solar Pool Heating offers great value because it comes from Heliocol: the world’s largest supplier of solar pool heating. SunValue combines the right quality with the best backup. And yet, it can still be installed for your enjoyment at an extremely competitive price.

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Solar Hot Water Systems

Rheem Solar Tanks

Solene products offer a clean, cost-effective way to heat your water. Each system is backed by an unprecedented warranty, giving you piece of mind.

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Aurora Solar Collector

Aurora Solar Collectors are the most technologically advanced collectors on the market today. Aurora features the highest quality materials & state-of-the-art engineering to provide maximum efficiency & durability you can depend on for years to come. Aurora collectors are environmentally friendly, non-polluting and reliable in any environment. Aurora panels are the most important component of any solar water heating system, producing dependable results under any weather conditions.

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Solene Solar Hot Water Systems

Solene solar hot water systems offer a clean, cost-effective way to heat your water. Each system is backed by an unprecedented warranty, giving you piece of mind.

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