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Solar Defined

At Hot Solar Solutions we know there are A LOT of questions about solar, how it works and the benefits for homeowners and the environment, in this week’s blog we hope to answer more of those questions, we hope they will spark even MORE questions and that you will contact us to talk in more […]

Solar Made Simple

If you are confused or frustrated, as you try to determine if investing in solar is right for you, rest assured that you are not alone! The hardest step for many consumers is trying to figure out where to start—so we thought we’d take this time to see if we can help clear up any […]

Solar Must Haves for Camping

Last week when we talked about solar options for camping so it seems only fitting that we talk about solar powered camping gadgets to make your next adventure off the grid, that much more fun. Of course you know you can find solar powered flashlights and fans just about anywhere, but the following gadgets may […]

‘Tis the season….For CAMPING!!!

As the weather gets warmer, our minds here at Hot Solar Solutions are often found wandering, mostly with thoughts of camping, and the fun it brings with friends and family.   Now imagine those amazing memories, set with a stunning backdrop that most RV’ers will never see because of their dependency on either hookups or generators.  […]

Big Business Cashing in on Solar

IKEA in Renton, recently completed the largest solar rooftop array in Washington state, with 3,268 panels, proving once again that solar is a smart investment. Here is an interesting comparison using a great website called  Project Sunroof  where you can check out your usable sunlight, by entering in your address.   Ikea– 1,212 hours of usable […]

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